Kek Kekistan Donald Trump MAGA Pepe Frog Novelty Million Dollar Bill


  • Custom limited edition million dollar novelty bill for Kek Kekistan Donald Trump MAGA Pepe Frog
  • Created exclusively for Kekistanis in their just fight against the Normies
  • Unique Top Kek features include:
    • Make Kekistan Great Again headline on front
    • Auspicious and praise-worthy serial number of repeating 7s
    • Kek logo
    • Top Kek series
    • Portrait of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States and Commander in Chief
    • Naming of Pepe The Frog as Fearless Leader of Kekistan
    • Strong solidarity phrase "In Kek We Trust" on back
    • Kek logo on back in prominent center circle with "Shadilay" and "Great Republic of Kekistan" on proud display
  • Packaged in High Quality Collector's Grade Protective Currency Holder
  • Same look, feel and size as real money

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Quality product offered exclusively by TrendyLuz USA